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Conserving Energy; Benefits You Can Take to the Bank

The word “Audit” is generally associated with stress, and potentially with dire consequences. That’s not the case with an energy audit, however – the outcome of the audit will probably save you money in the long haul. Further, it will help your piece of mind when it comes time to set aside money for future heating and cooling bills, as well as budgeting for other household electrical usage.

Everyone knows better than to leave a door hang open on a cold winter day, and most know that the door should be effectively weatherstripped to keep energy costs down. Are you also aware of the need to insulate electrical outlets and switches located in exterior walls, and to block all openings into the attic where plumbing and electrical lines enter from the rooms below? In truth, how well is your house doing when it comes to keeping warm air in during the winter – and keeping it out in the summer?

This is the purpose of the energy audit. Energy costs continue to rise to unprecedented levels as the cost of crude oil continues to climb, and the cost to operate your house is no longer a trivial expense. It makes sense to spend a little time and money today to minimize your utility bills in the future. Where is that time and money best spent though?

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A professional energy audit ensures your time and money give you the greatest return – whether eliminating heat lost around windows and doors, through loose fitting heat ducts, near uninsulated plumbing supply lines, or past missing band joist insulation. Older homes may need significant investment in the form of newer, more energy efficient windows or additional insulation in the attic – but where to start? Take a few minutes to review the video below, and you’ll have a better idea as to how to prioritize your efforts.

For more information about getting a residential or commercial energy audit, to help evaluate your utility bills, and to begin getting a handle on your energy costs, please contact us.

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